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Scholars Training Center
The center
His eminence Mohamed Al Hassa DEDEW changuitti is a jurisconsult, a thinker, and a scholar among the Mauritanian scholars.

Sheikh DEDEW was born in 1963 into a family dedicated to science. His teachers came initially from his extended family, which included many prominent scholars, especially his maternal grand father Shaykh Muhammad ‘Ali Abd al-Wadud Shaykh and his uncle Shaykh Muhammad Salem Abd al-Wadud.

In 2007, Ch. DEDEW founded the Islamic University which bears the name of the Ulema Training Center where the studies duration is up to 17 years and the memorization of the entire Qur'an is one of the pre-requisites for the admission to the center.

In 2010, Ch. DEDEW participated, also, in the setting of the Islamic university Abdella Ben Yassine which proposes a complete academic course according to the international system L.M.D. (Licence, Master, Doctorate).

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Our center is a scientific center, an international and independent center, specialized in islamic sciences, it aims to turn its students into qualified scholars with a solid knowledge of Islam and how to apply this knowledge in the context of modern societies.

The Center seeks to prepare scholars capable to grasp societal issues in depth and to provide contextualized answers, having abilities to communicate and influence in compliance with the just-midlle understanding of Islam and formed with the best aspects of traditional education and of modern education.
The center aims to form scholars impregnated with islamic spirituality
and morality according to a scientific methodology emphasizing
the following points :
Memorizing “Motton”(Textbooks of Knowledge), accurately and according to the different “Riwaya” (Narrations).
Deep understanding of all course materials and mastering teaching them
Mastering societal issues and its spatial and temporal context
Mastering the use of modern methods in preparing and presenting contents
Developing the sense of innovation
Developing the spirit of cooperation and love
Areas of ACTIVITy
Graduating scholars
Graduating Imams and preachers
Memorization circles (Holy Quran, Islamic and linguistic texts)
Knowledge competitions(Holy Quran, Islamic and linguistic texts)
Training seminars
Continuous training in Islamic Sciences
and Arabic Language
Da'wah/Preaching projects (local religious trips, international preaching trips, and preaching during Hajj)
Seasonal projects (Ramadan fasting break, Aid Al adha sacrifices)
et en langue arabe
Levels of studies
The center follows a scientific program, integrating all the disciplines of the Islamic sciences, strengthened by subjects of help to the apprehension of the societal reality
and its problems and built in a progressive way in four stages :
Duration : 2 years
The High school
Duration : 4 years
Duration : 4 years
The Graduate Studies
Duration : 8 years
Admission requirements
To integrate the training program of ulema,
it will be required the following criteria :
memorization of Quran
Achieving the required stage
as a prerequisite for the following stage
Clearance from infectious diseases
Passing the three tests
with success (written, oral ,ability)
services provided to students
The center provides its students with the appropriate atmosphere for success in their studies.
Thus, the center offers the necessary services so that students can devote themselves to science research within the center and without the need to go outside
Food allowances :
Three meals in
the restaurant of the center
The center aims to offer students a comfortable residence on campus
through the on-campus medical center that takes care of primary treatments
Pocket money or Allowance
The curricula studied
A rich library
Attractions by setting up
of a football ground
of cultural events
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